B No 2 / 2011
  1. K. Satué, M. Felipe, J. Mota and A. Muñoz :
    Gestational length in Carthusian broodmares: effects of breeding season, foal gender, age of mare, year of parturition, parity and sire
  2. E. Lepiarczyk, A. Bossowska, J. Kaleczyc and M. Majewski :
    The influence of botulinum toxin type A (BTX) on the immunohistochemical characteristics of noradrenergic and cholinergic nerve fibers supplying the porcine urinary bladder wall
  3. M. Lis, M. Szczypka, A. Suszko, M. Świtała and B. Obmińska-Mrukowicz :
    The effects of florfenicol on lymphocyte subsets and humoral immune response in mice
  4. A. Dudek, W. Sienkiewicz, M. Marczak and J. Kaleczyc :
    Immunohistochemical properties of motoneurons supplying the trapezius muscle in the rat
  5. M. Andrzejewska, J. J. Klawe, B. Szczepańska and D. Śpica :
    Occurrence of virulence genes among Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates from domestic animals and children
  6. D. Chrobak, M. Kizerwetter-Świda, M. Rzewuska and M. Binek :
    Antibiotic resistance of canine Staphylococcus intermedius group (SIG) - practical implications
  7. T. Bakuła, Ł. Lis, Z. Iwaniuk and Z. Ordyński :
    The effect of diets supplemented with fish broth and fish oil on the health of weaners
  8. J. Kinasiewicz, M. Sabat, M. Antosiak-Iwańska, E. Godlewska, E. Sitarek and T. Orłowski :
    The influence of porcine pancreas digestion parameters and islet histomorphology on islet isolation outcome
  9. J. Kaba, M. Nowicki, T. Frymus, D. Nowicka, L. Witkowski, O. Szaluś-Jordanow, M. Czopowicz and M. Thrusfield :
    Evaluation of the risk factors influencing the spread of caseous lymphadenitis in goat herds
  10. E. Czykier :
    Is spermiogenesis common or rare in young male European bison aged 2 and 3 years?
  11. I. Dolka, T. Motyl, E. Malicka, R. Sapierzyński and M. Fabisiak :
    Relationship between receptors for insulin-like growth factor - I, steroid hormones and apoptosis-associated proteins in canine mammary tumors
  12. D. Bukowska, B. Kempisty, M. Jackowska, M. Woźna, P. Antosik, H. Piotrowska and J. M. Jaśkowski :
    Analysis of integrins and vascular endothelial growth factor isoforms mRNA expression in the canine uterus during perimplantation period
  13. D. Bukowska, B. Kempisty, M. Jackowska, M. Woźna, P. Antosik, H. Piotrowska and J. M. Jaśkowski :
    Differential expression of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor beta isoforms in dog endometrium during different periods of the estrus cycle
  14. E. Skopińska-Różewska, I. Sokolnicka, A. K. Siwicki, W. Stankiewicz, M. P. Dąbrowski, W. Buchwald, A. Krajewska-Patan, S. Mielcarek, A. Mścisz and M. Furmanowa :
    Dose-dependent in vivo effect of Rhodiola and Echinacea on the mitogen-induced lymphocyte proliferation in mice
  15. M. Fujimura :
    The study of canine atopic dermatitis involving the isolation of dogs
  16. M. Bednarski, A. Wieliczko and M. Mazurkiewicz :
    Genetic comparison of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from different cattle farms
  17. K. Garbacz, L. Piechowicz, S. Żarnowska, K. Haras and M. Dąbrowska-Szponar :
    Heterogeneity of methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus pseudintermedius strains isolated from diseased dogs
  18. J. Karakulska, A. Pobucewicz, P. Nawrotek, M. Muszyńska, A. J. Furowicz and D. Czernomysy-Furowicz :
    Molecular typing of Staphylococcus aureus based on PCR-RFLP of coa gene and RAPD analysis
  19. P. Wilkołek, M. Szczepanik, M. Gołyński, Ł. Adamek, A. Pomorska, M. Maj-Martyniuk and W. Sitkowski :
    The evaluation of selected parameters of cellular nonspecific immunity in normal and allergic horses
  20. P. Sobiech, R. Targoński, A. Stopyra and K. Żarczyńska :
    Changes in the blood coagulation profile after ovariohysterectomy in female dogs
  21. M. Śmiałek, B. Tykałowski, T. Stenzel and A. Koncicki :
    Local immunity of the respiratory mucosal system in chickens and turkeys
  22. W. Niedbalski :
    Bluetongue vaccines in Europe
  23. H. Matyjasik, Z. Adamiak, W. Pesta and Y. Zhalniarovich :
    Laparoscopic procedures in dogs and cats
  24. M. Samiec and M. Skrzyszowska :
    Transgenic mammalian species, generated by somatic cell cloning, in biomedicine, biopharmaceutical industry and human nutrition/dietetics - recent achievements
  25. M. Samiec and M. Skrzyszowska :
    The possibilities of practical application of transgenic mammalian species generated by somatic cell cloning in pharmacology, veterinary medicine and xenotransplantology