B No 1 / 2011
  1. M. Król, K. M. Pawlowski, K. Majchrzak, I. Dolka, A. Abramowicz, K. Szyszko and T. Motyl :
    Density of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) and expression of their growth factor receptor MCSF-R and CD14 in canine mammary adenocarcinomas of various grade of malignancy and metastasis
  2. K. M. Pawłowski, A. Majewska, K. Szyszko, I. Dolka, T. Motyl and M. Król :
    Gene expression pattern in canine mammary osteosarcoma
  3. A. Dziekońska and J. Strzeżek :
    Boar variability affects sperm metabolism activity in liquid stored semen at 5°C
  4. M. Koziorowska-Gilun and R. Strzeżek :
    Molecular forms of selected antioxidant enzymes in dog semen - electrophoretical identification
  5. S. Kondracki, A. Wysokińska, M. Iwanina, D. Banaszewska and D. Sitarz :
    Effect of sperm concentration in an ejaculate on morphometric traits of spermatozoa in Duroc boars
  6. J. Szczawiński, H. Tomaszewski, A. Jackowska-Tracz and M. E. Szczawińska :
    Survival of Staphylococcus aureus exposed to UV radiation on the surface of ceramic tiles coated with TiO2
  7. K. Śmiecińska, J. Denaburski and W. Sobotka :
    Slaughter value, meat quality, creatine kinase activity and cortisol levels in the blood serum of growing-finishing pigs slaughtered immediately after transport and after a rest period
  8. R. Mikuła, W. Nowak, J. M. Jaśkowski, P. Maćkowiak and E. Pruszyńska Oszmałek :
    Effects of different starch sources on metabolic profile, production and fertility parameters in dairy cows
  9. W. Wawron, M. Bochniarz and M. Szczubiał :
    Enzymatic activity of yeasts isolated from the inflamed mammary secretion in dairy cows
  10. A. Valdovska and M. Pilmane :
    Histopathologic and immunohistochemical lesions in liver of mink infected with Aleutian disease virus
  11. P. Sławuta, J. Nicpoń and S. Domańska :
    Influence of the wing-of-the-nostrils correction procedure on the change of the acid-base balance parameters and oxygen concentration in the arterial blood in French bulldogs
  12. T. Kośla, E. M. Skibniewska and M. Skibniewski :
    The state of bioelements in the hair of free-ranging European bisons from Bialowieza Primeval Forest
  13. A. Gabinaitiene, J. Siugzdaite and H. Zilinskas :
    Laboratory diagnosis of mycoplasma infection in young cattle
  14. I. Taszkun :
    The results of intradermal skin tests (IDST) in dogs with atopic dermatitis from the Lublin voivodeship
  15. S. Kinal, J. Twardoń, M. Bednarski, J. Preś, R. Bodarski, M. Slupczyńska, M. Ochota and G. J. Dejneka :
    The influence of administration of biotin and zinc chelate (Zn-methionine) to cows in the first and second trimester of lactation on their health and productivity
  16. A. Jabłoński, S. Zębek, R. Kołacz and Z. Pejsak :
    Usefulness of PCR/RFLP and ERIC PCR techniques for epidemiological study of Haemophilus parasuis infections in pigs
  17. V. G. Papatsiros, P. D. Tassis, E. D. Tzika, D. S. Papaioannou, E. Petridou, C. Alexopoulos and S. C. Kyriakis :
    Effect of benzoic acid and combination of benzoic acid with a probiotic containing Bacillus Cereus var. toyoi in weaned pig nutrition
  18. K. Dudek and D. Bednarek :
    Cellular immune response of pigeons in the conditions of endotoxin fever and pyrogenic tolerance
  19. K. Płoneczka-Janeczko, J. Piekarska, K. Rypuła and M. Mazurkiewicz :
    A survey of anti-Ostertagia ostertagii antibody levels in bulk tank milk samples (BTM) in dairy herds in Lower Silesia Region (Poland)
  20. M. Bladowski, A. Kotowicz-Gears and J. Wojtkiewicz :
    Restoration of fractured canines in ferrets after one-step root canal treatment
  21. K. Śmietanka and Z. Minta :
    Isolation of an atypical pigeon paramyxovirus type 1 in Poland
  22. K. Rainczak, J. Bajzert, J. Galli, A. Selera, A. Wieliczko, J. Borkowski and T. Stefaniak :
    Optimization of Salmonella Enteritidis recombinant heat shock protein 60 production
  23. M. Svoboda, Z. Fajt, T. Baňoch, A. Saláková and J. Drábek :
    The effects of soybean selenium proteinate on tissue selenium and meat quality traits in finishing pigs
  24. R. Rękawiecki, M. K. Kowalik and J. Kotwica :
    Nuclear progesterone receptor isoforms and their functions in the female reproductive tract
  25. Ł. B. Lis, T. Bakuła, M. Baranowski and A. Czarnewicz :
    The carcinogenic effects of benzoquinones produced by the flour beetle
  26. K. Malewska, A. Rychlik, R. Nieradka and M. Kander :
    Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs and cats