B No 2 / 2012
  1. A. M. Badowska-Kozakiewicz and E. Malicka :
    Immunohistochemical evaluation of expression of heat shock proteins HSP70 and HSP90 in mammary gland neoplasms in bitches
  2. A. Koncicki, B. Tykałowski, T. Stenzel, M. Śmiałek and D. Pestka :
    Effect of infection of turkeys with haemorrhagic enteritis adenovirus isolate on the selected parameters of cellular immunity and the course of colibacillosis
  3. M. Woźny, P. Brzuzan, M. Gusiatin, E. Jakimiuk, S. Dobosz and H. Kuźmiński :
    Influence of zearalenone on selected biochemical parameters in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
  4. J. Jankowski, K. Lichtorowicz, Z. Zduńczyk and J. Juśkiewicz :
    The effect of different dietary sodium levels on blood mineral concentrations and tibia mineralization in turkeys
  5. M. Podkowik, J. Bystroń and J. Bania :
    Prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in staphylococci isolated from ready-to-eat meat products
  6. D. Barski and A. Spodniewska :
    Activity of selected antioxidative enzymes in rats exposed to dimethoate and pyrantel tartrate
  7. R. Sapierzyński, I. Dolka and M. Fabisiak :
    High agreement of routine cytopathology and immunocytochemistry in canine lymphomas
  8. R. Popielarczyk, S. Robak and K. A. Siwicki :
    Infection of European eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.), with the nematode Anguillicoloides crassus (Kuwahara, Niimi et Itagaki, 1974) in Polish waters
  9. J. Zmudzki, A. Szczotka, A. Nowak, H. Strzelecka, A. Grzesiak and Z. Pejsak :
    Antimicrobial susceptibility of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolated from 21 Polish farms
  10. J. Zmudzki, A. Szczotka, K. Podgórska, A. Nowak, A. Grzesiak, A. Dors and Z. Pejsak :
    Application of real-time PCR for detection of Lawsonia intracellularis and Brachyspira hyodysenteriae in fecal samples from pigs
  11. A. Nikodem, Sz. Dragan, Sz. Kołacz and Z. Dobrzanski :
    The influence of feed phosphates on the structural, mechanical and chemicalproperties of bone tissue in pigs
  12. J. Bieżyński, P. Skrzypczak, A. Piątek, N. Kościółek and M. Drożdżyńska :
    Assessment of treatment of Osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) of shoulder joint in dogs-the results of two years of experience
  13. M. Szczubiał, R. Dąbrowski, M. Kankofer, M. Bochniarz and M. Komar :
    Concentration of serum amyloid A and ceruloplasmin activity in milk from cows with subclinical mastitis caused by different pathogens
  14. W. J. Grzegorzewski, J. Muszak, B. Wąsowska, B. Jana and S. Stefańczyk-Krzymowska :
    The influence of steroids on noradrenaline-mediated contractile reactivity of the superficial nasal and facial veins in cycling gilts
  15. Y. Jine, M. Lis, M. Szczypka and B. Obmińska-Mrukowicz :
    Influence of betulinic acid on lymphocyte subsets and humoral immune response in mice
  16. A. Rychlik, R. Nieradka, M. Kander, M. Nowicki, M. Wdowiak and A. Kołodziejska-Sawerska :
    A correlation between the Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity Index score and the histopathological evaluation of the small intestinal mucosa in canine inflammatory bowel disease
  17. K. Śmietanka, Z. Minta, R. Włodarczyk, K. Wyrostek, M. Jóźwiak, M. Olszewska, P. Minias, K. Kaczmarek, T. Janiszewski and A. Kleszcz :
    Avian influenza viruses in wild birds at the Jeziorsko reservoir in Poland in 2008-2010
  18. T. Špaková, J. Elečko, M. Vasil, J. Legáth, P. Pristaš and P. Javorský :
    Limited genetic diversity of Aerococcus viridans strains isolated from clinical and subclinical cases of bovine mastitis in Slovakia
  19. D. A. Roussan, I. A. Shaheen, G. Y. Khawaldeh, W. S. Totanji and R. H. Al-Rifai :
    Simultaneous detection of astrovirus, rotavirus, reovirus and adenovirus type I in broiler chicken flocks
  20. A. Bossowska and M. Majewski :
    Botulinum toxin type A-induced changes in the chemical coding of dorsal root ganglion neurons supplying the porcine urinary bladder
  21. A. Bossowska and M. Majewski :
    Tetrodotoxin induced changes in the chemical coding of dorsal root ganglion neurons supplying the porcine urinary bladder
  22. J. Marczuk, K. Obremski, K. Lutnicki, M. Gajęcka and M. Gajęcki :
    Zearalenone and deoxynivalenol mycotoxicosis in dairy cattle herds
  23. T. Zarankiewicz, J. Madej, J. Galli, J. Bajzert and T. Stefaniak :
    Inhibition of in vitro Histophilus somni biofilm production by recombinant Hsp60 antibodies
  24. E. R. Grela, J. Matras, R. K. Pisarski and S. Sobolewska :
    The effect of supplementing organic diets with fish meal and premix on the performance of pigs and some meat and blood characteristics
  25. M. Szweda, J. Szarek, I. Babińska, R. Sokół, M. Raś-Noryńska, A. Kołodziejska-Sawerska and T. Męcik-Kronenberg :
    Modulation of specific biochemical blood parameters by helminth infection in laboratory Beagle dogs
  26. M. Żmigrodzka, A. Winnicka and M. Guzera :
    Comparison of the influence of EDTA-K3 and sodium citrate on haematology analysis in healthy dogs
  27. Ł. Adaszek, P. Klimiuk, M. Skrzypczak, M. Górna, J. Ziętek and S. Winiarczyk :
    The identification of Anaplasma spp. isolated from fallow deer (Dama dama) on a free-range farm in eastern Poland
  28. D. Miśta, A. Rząsa, E. Wincewicz, W. Zawadzki, Z. Dobrzański, T. Szmańko and A. Gelles :
    The effect of humic-fatty acid preparation on selected haematological and biochemical serum parameters of growing rabbits
  29. K. A. Białoń and R. Skrzypek :
    Factors affecting acetone concentration in blood of dairy cows at the first stage of lactation
  30. J. Oleszczuk, L. Oleszczuk, A. K. Siwicki and E. Skopińska-Różewska :
    Biological effects of conjugated linoleic acids supplementation