B No 3 / 2011
  1. M. Pietra, S. Cinotti, A. Ducci, M. Giunti and A. Peli :
    Time-dependent changes of cytokines mRNA in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from symptomatic Recurrent Airway Obstruction-affected horses
  2. J. Jankowski, Z. Zduńczyk, K. Sartowska, B. Tykałowski, T. Stenzel, M. Wróblewska and A. Koncicki :
    Metabolic and immune response of young turkeys originating from parent flocks fed diets with inorganic or organic selenium
  3. R. Szabóová, A. Lauková, L. Chrastinová, V. Strompfová, M. Pogány Simonová, Z. Vasilková, K. Čobanová, I. Plachá and M. Chrenková :
    Effect of combined administration of enterocin 4231 and sage in rabbits
  4. T. Stenzel, B. Tykałowski, M. Śmiałek, A. Kwiatkowska-Stenzel and A. Koncicki :
    The effect of different doses of methisoprinol on the percentage of CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocyte subpopulation and the antibody titers in pigeons immunised against PPMV-1
  5. S. Kowalik and W. Kędzierski :
    The effect of interval versus continuous exercise on plasma leptin and ghrelin concentration in young trotters
  6. B. Majer-Dziedzic, A. Jakubczak and J. Ziętek :
    Phylogenetic analysis of canine parvovirus CPV-2 strains and its variants isolated in Poland
  7. M. Michalczyk, R. Sokół, A. Szczerba-Turek and A. Bancerz-Kisiel :
    A comparison of the effectiveness of the microscopic method and the multiplex PCR method in identifying and discriminating the species of Nosema spp. spores in worker bees (Apis mellifera) from winter hive debris
  8. M. Lis, M. Szczypka, A. Suszko and B. Obmińska-Mrukowicz :
    Influence of bestatin, an inhibitor of aminopeptidases, on T and B lymphocyte subsets in mice
  9. M. Bochniarz and W. Wawron :
    Antibiotic susceptibility of methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from bovine mastitis
  10. A. Kosiński, M. Grzybiak, G. Piwko and D. Kozłowski :
    Myocardial bridges in domestic pig - morphological aspects
  11. W. Wieteska-Skrzeczyńska, K. Grzelkowska-Kowalczyk, J. Tokarska and K. Grabiec :
    Growth factor and cytokine interactions in myogenesis. Part I. The effect of TNF-α and IFN-γ on IGF-I-dependent differentiation in mouse C2C12 myogenic cells
  12. W. Wieteska-Skrzeczyńska, K. Grzelkowska-Kowalczyk and E. Rejmak :
    Growth factor and cytokine interactions in myogenesis. Part II. Expression of IGF binding proteins and protein kinases essential for myogenesis in mouse C2C12 myogenic cells exposed to TNF-α and IFN-γ
  13. M. Kozłowski, J. Wilczak, T. Motyl and M. Gajewska :
    Role of extracellular matrix and prolactin in functional differentiation of bovine BME-UV1 mammary epithelial cells
  14. N. Kurhalyuk, H. Tkachenko and K. Pałczyńska :
    Resistance of erythrocytes from Brown trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta L.) affected by ulcerative dermal necrosis syndrome
  15. W. Socha and J. Rola :
    Comparison of four RT-PCR assays for detection of bovine respiratory syncytial virus
  16. B. Pilarczyk, R. Pilarczyk, A. Tomza-Marciniak, D. Hendzel, M. Bąkowska and T. Stankiewicz :
    Evaluation of selenium status and its distribution in organs of free living foxes (Vulpes vulpes) from an Se deficient area
  17. T. Daszkiewicz, J. Kondratowicz and M. Koba-Kowalczyk :
    Changes in the quality of meat from roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) bucks during cold storage under vacuum and modified atmosphere
  18. I. Klimienė, M. Ružauskas, V. Špakauskas, A. Matusevičius, R. Mockeliūnas, A. Pereckienė, Č. Butrimaitė-Ambrozevičienė and M. Virgailis :
    Antimicrobial resistance patterns to beta-lactams of gram-positive cocci isolated from bovine mastitis in Lithuania
  19. B. Wysok, A. Wiszniewska-Łaszczych, J. Uradziński and J. Szteyn :
    Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Campylobacter in raw milk in the selected areas of Poland
  20. P. Niedźwiedzka-Rystwej and W. Deptuła :
    White and red blood cells picture in rabbits experimentally infected with RHD virus
  21. Z. Adamiak, A. Pomianowski, Y. Zhalniarovich, M. Kwiatkowska, M. Jaskólska and A. Bocheńska :
    A comparison of magnetic resonance imaging sequences in evaluating pathological changes in the canine spinal cord
  22. A. Masny, T. Lewin, R. Salamatin and E. Golab :
    The first report on detection of canine Acantocheilonema reconditum in Poland and the associated diagnostic problems
  23. M. Mogielnicka-Brzozowska and W. Kordan :
    Characteristics of selected seminal plasma proteins and their application in the improvement of the reproductive processes in mammals
  24. Z. Adamiak, M. Jaskólska, H. Matyjasik, A. Pomianowski and M. Kwiatkowska :
    Magnetic resonance imaging of selected limb joints in dogs
  25. H. Matyjasik, Z. Adamiak, Y. Zhalniarovich and W. Pesta :
    Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) in animals
  26. A. Procajło, E. Mikulska Skupień, M. Bladowski and S. Lew :
    Monocytic Ehrlichiosis in dogs